What is Buttcon?

Buttcon is an art-filled, interactive event that is dedicated to providing a safe and free environment to celebrate butts, something that everybody has. Buttcon has been held annually at the Lincoln Street Art Park since 2015. Attendees are encouraged to come with their butts out (or not) and can look forward to buttcentric performances, music, visual arts, health and wellness information, and chili.

Everybody has a butt. 

Buttcon is an event for everybody since everybody has a butt. The Buttcon community is committed to being an inclusive event. All are encouraged to contribute with their art, ideas, chili or butts.

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There is no ideal butt.

Buttcon does not endorse one type of butt. You can have your favorite, that's okay, but Buttcon will never say that a butt should be a certain size, shape or color. We want everyone to be comfortable with their butts and encourage everyone to celebrate butts for every reason and in every way that is imaginable.


Buttcon is about creating a safe space to thoughtfully celebrate all butts. It's 2018, we can celebrate asses without acting like one.  
Don’t harass, stalk, or talk down to anyone
Don’t touch anyone without permission
Don’t take pictures of anyone without permission
Accept “NO” as an answer the first time

It's just a butt.

Buttcon is a celebration of butts. It is a silly party with a theme that everyone can get behind. You don't have to be obsessed with butts to be a Buttconian. Butts can be sexy but they don't have to be to you. Butts can be funny but they can also be serious. It's just a butt. You can come with your butt out, but you don't have to. Why not? It's just a butt, a squishy roundish thing. If we could get people as excited about Armpitcon we would have done that instead.